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Welcome To Grace!

We are glad you found us!  Perhaps this is your first time visiting or maybe you have seen us on Hwy 25 in Southern Greenville County.  God is doing great things in and through Grace Baptist Church, and we would love for you to see for yourself what He is doing.   Come spend some time with us!

Community Clothes and Food Closet

On November 18 from 9:30-11:30 AM, our church is taking on a project to help those in our local community.  Several years ago in preparation for a sermon, James 2 became a gnawing and convicting passage of Scripture leading me to ask, "What am I as a Christian doing to help those in need?"  This later developed into, "What is Grace Baptist Church doing to help her neighbors in southern Greenville County?"
Over the years we have collected clothes and food items without really being able to give in abundance.  So, this year it was decided to plan on a one day outreach where the doors of the gym would be open to our neighbors to choose clothes items, coats and food that they could use.  While the physical needs of all of us are real, it is the spiritual need of man that is often neglected.  We believe James 2 connects the physical met needs to the spiritual taught needs.  
Every person who enters the doors of the gym on November 18 will have a clear understanding of their spiritual needs.  It is our continuing prayer and passion that while we seek to aid them with clothes and food, they will accept their greatest need - the spiritual - and accept the gift that is found in Jesus Christ alone.

Who is Grace Baptist Church?

We are independent: Christ is the head of the church; He is our ultimate authority.  We are fundamental: The truths of Scripture are upheld and observed.  We are a Bible-believing church:  Rooted in Christ and grounded in the Word of God Colossians 2:6-7.

What is Grace Baptist All About?

At Grace we believe ministry starts with the desire to please Jesus Christ in all that we do.  This means, as a church, each of us must give attention to more than just attendance; we must carefully consider God’s Word and apply ourselves to living what we learn from it.  Our ministry extends into the community as we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those who have not yet believed.  This is practically worked out by people who have already believed and trusted in Jesus Christ building relationships with people who have never trusted Christ as their Savior.  Thirdly, we believe that God has commanded us to equip believers for the work of the ministry.  This happens as the Word of God is faithfully and practically taught during each service.

Want to Know More About the Gospel?

The Gospel is the "good news" of God's love toward mankind revealed in the Person and work of Jesus Christ. Check out this link for a brief video presentation of the Gospel of Christ.